Get a perfect fitness expert: Rhett A Cunningham

He who has health has hope, he who has hope has everything.” This quote throws some light about the importance of health in our life. After all “Health is wealth.” Every one of us is aware of this. We often realise the value of health and keeping our body healthy in our daily life.A proper daily care of one’s health is very necessary to keep ourselves hale and healthy. A healthy mind can live in a healthy body only and for a healthy body, we definitely need an expert who can guide us tips and techniques to keep the mind and body fit. Though there are many fitness trainers in the market,  as far as the fitness experts are concerned, there are only a few.

Sometimes we get to know facts regarding our health, food habits, and lifestyle. We should always direct our life in a proper way in order to achieve pink health. A proficient guide is need of the hour. Presenting you a dynamic health and fitness professional Mr.Rhett A Cunningham who guides you, trains you and makes you achieve the fitness/healthy lifestyle you wish to.


Rhett A Cunningham is multi-talented professional. He had achieved expertise in Health and Fitness, an ambitious entrepreneur and zealous about sales and marketing, technology and management as well. He is an experienced public speaker, presenter, and a negotiator too.

He has a proven track record in various aspects like optimizing company’s ability to achieve maximum growth, profit, and development.


He pursued his education in the University of Urbana-Champaign and University of Phoenix.


LANGUAGES: He is proficient in English and Spanish languages.He had very good communication skills. Hence, he is able to form very good relationships with customers.

He is very active in social networking sites hence very sociable.

He is the best at providing excellent customer service.

He is knowledgeable in applications like MS-OFFICE (MS-POWERPOINT, MS-EXCEL, MS-OUTLOOK, MS-WORD)

His additional skills included sales operations, account management, event planning and public speaking.

He possesses immense knowledge in aspects of network marketing and affiliate marketing.

He is a very organised and has time management skills that can surely help others as well.


He has 4 years’ work experience as General Manager at DHC and M power training.

He has worked as a Sales Manager at Global Fitness Holdings for about 2 years.

He worked as a Director of sales and marketing at Premier Event Marketing for 4 years.


  • Self-motivation and self-help definitely make us direct towards our goal. But there is a lot of difference in the work and the result when you compare after hiring a professional like Rhett A Cunningham.
  • Once you start working under an experienced professional, a significant change can be witnessed.
  • If you really think of best outcome and to hire someone who could help you, he is the right one to approach.